Mr Geddy Lee (though not really) (mrgeddylee) wrote,
Mr Geddy Lee (though not really)

Annual 9/11 post

We will never forget and never forgive. And never ever fear. Fear is for the enemy. Fear... and bullets.

I quote that passage from The Crow on 9/11 every time I remember it, but I don't always mean the same thing. I mean, yes, I believe that terrorists ought to get shot, but this year I'm a lot more on the "never ever fear" kick. The steady erosion of our civil liberties over the past seven years has been entirely a result of fear. I think the best thing the "Downsize DC" guys have done all year was their "I am not afraid" campaign. The message bears repeating.

Yes, I imagine that if I'm ever caught in a terrorist attack, I will be scared shitless. If someone I love is ever caught in a terrorist attack, I will be scared and then in all likelihood devastated.

That notwithstanding, I refuse to live my life in anticipation of imminent attack. I do not want any innocent person to suffer injustice because of my fear. I do not want to choose between being afraid of terrorists and being afraid of my government. I do not want to make the rest of the world afraid of me so I won't have to be afraid of them.

I believe that if we do the right thing, consistently, and deal fairly with all people, we will prosper over time. We will not be immune to attack. We will take losses. Those losses will be a small price to pay so long as we honestly seek peaceful and just relationships with other nations... and those losses will be our just desserts if we do not.
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