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Mr Geddy Lee (though not really)

Jacob's Ladder

This has been the hardest review for me to get around to. I think "Jacob's Ladder" rocks pretty hard, but for some reason, I just don't like it. I don't dislike it, either. I have no strong emotional attachment to it at all. It is much less fun than World of Tanks. Must try to focus. Must not click on World of Tanks again.

The opening comes in slow, stately, and I can hear Ged using his (apparently insanely strong) fingernail to get a tone most guys get from a pick. The sudden vocal chorus effect at "distant overture" works really well. A little gimmicky, perhaps, but I think you can afford a gimmick or to when you have this band's chops.

The following instrumental break keeps the same steady 4/4 pace but brings in new themes and a much harder edge. Alex really takes center stage here, with Neil and Ged giving him plenty of room to maneuver. It's about 2:12 before they attract any attention to themselves, and even then, they bring in a little something special for show and tell, then go back to their seats. The introduction of the synth line around 2:45 starts to invest in a theme that doesn't pay off for almost a full minute, and I pause here to salute such compositional mojo.

That synth movement and accompanied "for once..." lyric doesn't do a lot for me. Good rock just got soft and sappy. I request metal, and since I have heard the song before, my request shall be granted around the 4:54 mark.

I think this movement is in alernating 6 and 7, and I can never get enough of that crazy time signature mojo. I also love Neil's play - I have no idea what he's on, but he's getting tinny-sounding rim hits, then bashing snares, then getting a shuffling high hat thing going, and then back again, and oh hey, a quick fill on the toms. The time signature may repeat, but nothing else has to!

Coming next, when I can take a break from tanks: two songs I like even less than this one!
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