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Entre Nous

In my last post I mentioned that I wasn't looking forward to the next two. I respect this song musically and the lyrics are certainly not bad, but they don't do anything for me either. Now that I listen to music on computers and have playlists, I avoid this song entirely. Just between us, the spaces between "Freewill" and "Natural Science" leave room for lesser works to make it onto the album.

Having dismissed the lyrics out of random misanthropy, let's talk music. I noticed the heavy use of synthesizer sounds right away. Peart opens with a very conventional 4:4 backbeat, and Alex strums chords as per usual, while Geddy rocks the Jazz bass sound and alternates between a very simple line, almost to the point of being pedal tones, and playing very intricate figures that remind me a lot of "Circumstances."

Going into the chorus, I listen for the drums and suddenly find myself visualizing Neil grabbing the cymbals to muffle them. I'm not sure why that image jumped out at me, since you don't hardly have to be Peart to use that move. Hrm.

The second verse sounds just like the first verse, but it's not. Neil seems to have shifted into top gear, and he's rattling away like mad on whatever it is that makes that thin metal noise - yeah, I know nothing about drums, what about it? Alex plays apreggios instead of chords. Only the bass seems broadly similar, although I suspect that if I saw the sheet music, I'd see big differences.

The solo... well, once again I listen for the bass first, and Geddy knows what time it is. Around 3:04 he starts into a really funky and growly section. I choose "funky" because he plays with a light touch, not a lot of attack, and higher than usual, and the result is a laid back, gliding feel to the part. A few seconds later Neil starts to throw in a lot more variety as well. He almost faked me out. I was about to say he played the same simple backbeat as before, and then all the sudden at 3:18, something totally other happens instead. Nice. As for the guitar... once again I suspect that Joe will explain that Alex does something very cunning from a theoretical standpoint, but I don't know that stuff. I just call it competent but not amazing.

Overall I can find a lot to like about the song. I still skip it when I can because the theme falls flat for me. Hopefully other fans enjoy it more.
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