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Different Strings

I can find lots of different things to enjoy in a song, but somewhere high on the list sits a good beat, something that makes me want to get up and jump around. When I'm shopping and "Dancing With Myself" starts playing on the store speakers, I get stoked. You know what "Different Strings" utterly lacks? Yeah. You guessed it. A good beat.

The song opens with Alex playing quietly, and to my ears somewhat intricately, although I'm a bad judge of difficulty. Geddy chimes in with some really nice lyrics - props to Neil on this song, yes indeed. Into the chorus and denied! Everything goes on in the same way, no power kick, no tempo change.

The second verse steps it up with... a click track. OK, yes, I'm sure Neil actually drums, but it still lacks kick, and the token electric guitar bits and the introduction of a bass part may fortify the sound but they can't accelerate it.

The solo gives Alex a chance to show off his subtlest chops - not blazing speed, but fine dynamic control. I respect the skill but not the song - not here, not on this album, not with the solo to "Freewill" looking over its shoulder from the track 2 spot, nor with "Natural Science" looming on the horizon. "Different eyes see different things," and I see a filler track.
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