Mr Geddy Lee (though not really) (mrgeddylee) wrote,
Mr Geddy Lee (though not really)

I hate sloppy thinking

This Thom Patterson guy writes that "Some 41 million potential fliers chose not to travel by air from May 2007 to May 2008, according to Geoff Freeman of the U.S. Travel Association. That translates into $26.5 billion in lost spending that could have boosted a recession-dogged economy."

First of all, does anyone really think that people who decide not to buy airline tickets put that money in a sock and never, ever spend it?

Second, considering that excessive borrowing helped cause the recession, would it really be so awful if people did save their money for a change?

I used to love flying and now I avoid it whenever possible. That doesn't magically increase my savings rate. I just spend it on other stuff.
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